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A wonderful journey…

Evangelism In Australia LogoEvangelism In Australia exists to train and equip believers and churches for evangelism, we do this through a variety of services. If you’re following Jesus, there’s no doubt you desire to somehow share this wonderful experience with others. Living life, knowing and experiencing the reality of Christ each day is too good to keep to yourself.

Aussies want it real

Watching family, friends and colleagues do life without faith is challenging when you know that the Father’s heart is that they would know Him. Sure, some people may be successful and appear at times to have it altogether, but one or two deeper conversations can reveal a sense of emptiness, guilt and often a lack of purpose or hope. You know that a real relationship with Jesus is the answer.

Australians on their best day do not want Christianity forced upon them. First, they want to see it working in someones life and they want to know it’s for real. Someone showing up uninvited on their doorstep to share Christ is often not welcomed and research supports a more friendly approach to outreach.  Australians are open to spiritual conversations and given the right environments and circumstances are willing to explore how faith can make a difference in their life.

Evangelism in Australia exists to encourage everyday believers and churches in the work of evangelism.

Our conviction is that people come to faith over time, conversion is a process, it’s a journey. The goal is to see people become disciples of Christ, people saying yes to Jesus and going on to follow him for a lifetime, not a short time.

Australia is a large and varied nation, people come from many walks of life. Isn’t it surprising how the few things that reached one friend for Jesus were not that effective when reaching another?  Isn’t it interesting that the initiatives that the church down the road employed for effective outreach do not necessarily work for all other churches?

Doing it well

So, what’s the answer? What should you do to keep reaching out? What’s the best way to go about seeing others become disciples of Christ?

The answer to these questions and more is at the heart of EIA. It’s never one answer and it’s rarely two. It’s usually a combination of thoughts, the opportunity to hear the stories of others, think through new possibilities, gather relevant information and explore new tools.

Tina Waldrom, the founder of Evangelism in Australia has worked for three decades exploring the concept of sharing faith with others and how churches can do this best.  Having worked on staff with both a small and then mega-church, Tina has some wonderful experiences to draw from.  Her Doctoral work With Fuller Theological Seminary in California and further work with organisations like the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Alpha Australia and Olive Tree Media have provided additional insights on how churches and believers alike can be best equipped to share the gospel in Australia. She is also the host of The Win Win Evangelism Podcast, a finalist for Christian Podcast of the Year, 2022.

God loves Aussies

The great commission is definitely something that all believers and churches can be a part of and do well. We believe that outreach can be natural, it can flow and have a sense of ease. Australia is a nation that desperately needs the good news of Jesus Christ. The heart of our Father is toward Australia. His desire is that all Aussies would experience His unconditional love, salvation, grace, forgiveness, healing and peace.


(Dave Ingram – Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Australia, Executive Director) .

“Tina Waldrom is a former colleague, a good friend and someone I can highly recommend for her passion to see Aussie believers equipped to share their hope in Jesus with the people around them. With everyone living and working online more than ever, what better time to offer online based evangelism training”.

(Karl Faase, CEO Olive Tree Media).

“It is a pleasure to partner with Tina Waldrom and Evangelism in Australia. Tina has a passion for the gospel, academic credentials and a wealth of experience from being on staff at CityLife Church in Melbourne. The combination of her personal passion, wide study and local church experience is a significant foundation for her leadership of Evangelism in Australia”.

(Melinda Dwight, National Director, Alpha Australia).

“Tina Waldrom is a serial evangelist. For the twenty plus years I’ve known her she has championed, modeled, inspired and leveraged her influence for evangelism. Through teaching, advocacy with church leaders, personal evangelism and partnership with Alpha she consistently is an inspiration and example to us. I love this venture and know it will be authentic, have authority, equip us and focus on the common mission to go and make disciples. It will equip the church for the harvest. I highly recommend Tina and her ministry”.

(Mark Conner – Freelance Speaker, Coach, Author).

“Ever since I met Tina she’s always had a passion for sharing the good news of Jesus and for training people to have greater confidence to do the same. I recommend her without hesitation knowing that in whatever way she can serve you, she will do it with enthusiasm and excellence”.

(Dr Brendan Roach – AXX, Founder and CEO).

“I have known Tina as a gifted evangelist and teacher for many years now. I don’t know of another person who has been so consistent and fruitful in her gift of evangelism in the Church and the community”.

(Andrew Chisholm – CityLife Church, Senior Minister).

“If I were to choose one “go to” person for inspiring and mobilizing people for evangelism it would have to be Tina Waldrom. Tina passionately lives out her message of sharing the good news of Jesus with others in everyday conversations. Her evangelism training is practical, engaging and full of warmth towards people and passion for Jesus.”

(Andrew Groza – Alphacrucis College, Victorian State Director).

“I have had the privilege over many years of watching Tina develop and deliver face-to-face and online courses focused on equipping Christians to be faithful witnesses for Christ. The material she has put together has always been of very high quality. I am genuinely grateful for her passionate, practical, and prophetic voice to the church today”.

*If you or the church you represent are looking for encouragement to continue to reach out with the good news of Christ, we pray that this site and our expertise in the filed of evangelism can serve you well.

Our Services

We are passionate about the nation of Australia. Our primary goal is to train and equip believers for evangelism through our many services. Our end game is believers reaching out with the goal to make disciples of Christ.   

Training People

EIA provides training for church leaders, evangelists and everyday believers.


We  develop evangelism curriculum for bible colleges, churches and mission agencies.


We consult and coach evangelists, Christian leaders and outreach groups to be more productive in the work of evangelism.


Our evangelists are great communicators with an ability to preach and teach
in both small and large environments.

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