Challenged by God to Take the Light Outside the Church

Tina Waldrom speaks with Ben Rowe from Streetlight in Adelaide, South Australia. Ben Rowe was a youth pastor in a local church before a significant encounter with God. Finding himself stuck in the all too often world of ministry comparison and the pursuit of ‘success’, God intervened. Ben felt challenge by the Lord to reconsider what he was doing. The Lord started to challenge Ben around the idea of bringing light in new ways. The challenge was to take the light outside the 4 walls of the church, to a world that did not know Christ.

This encounter with God, sent Ben on a path to discover more about being light in his community. After prayer walking in his city, it became clear to Ben what he needed to do. Ben started to understand that God was at work outside of the church building and his mission was to join God at work. What unfolded from this is remarkable. Many young people’s lives have and are being transformed through the initiatives that Ben has set up.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • A new mindset to engage in evangelism and mission.
  • The story of Ben Rowe, a local urban missionary.
  • What the bible says about taking the light outside the church building.
  • Stories of young people coming to faith, people who would never have entered a church building.
  • How working together with other churches is a key to outreach.
  • Ideas to engage with young people in the community.
  • Tips for conversations with youth that are struggling or marginalised.
  • PLUS, so much more.
You can connect with Ben and the team at Streetlight via their website, their YouTube Channel, Facebook or Instagram accounts.


You can also watch an interview with Ben & Tina Waldrom from Evangelism In Australia .


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