Church & Organisation Consulting

Consulting churches in the area of evangelism is one 0f the unique services from EIA and is offered with the goal to help churches and Christian organisations improve their performance in the area of mission and outreach.

Doctor Tina Waldrom is taking the lead in this area at EIA. She is a respected minister and expert in the field of evangelism in Australia.

Consultancy is not always the way forward and there are some things to consider before engaging with us.

We can help you with what to do once you fully understand where you are going as a church or organisation. For us to promise strategy without clearly articulated mission or vision on your behalf does not result in long term effectiveness. We would encourage you to wrestle these issues through first.

The majority of Tina’s time in the field of evangelism has been spent across the denominations.

From the early days as a youth evangelist, Tina has always worked with a variety of ministers and churches. Consequently, she has a broad understanding of the church setting in Australia. Her recent work with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association relied upon this strength.

EIA is committed to consulting with all evangelical churches in Australia.
Your unique history and heritage need to be considered in light of God’s future paths.

Our consultancy is based on scripture and context.
Our approach is to bring integration between what the Bible says and where you are located.

We are committed to gathering as much information as possible regard your setting before offering possible solutions that are bible-based and research supported.

Our assessment tools ensure that we have the correct information to present you the best advice and solutions.
Before talking with us regard consultancy, please consider a process to gather and document information that would be helpful in providing a clear picture of where your church or organisation is currently positioned.

Our consultancy aims to work with you closely, to understand your unique set of challenges and to bring solutions that are clear and process orientated.

We will provide you with step by step actions that are informed by decades of experience and current thinking in the field of evangelism.

We provide Consulting to Churches and Organisations

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