Covid-19 Evangelism Stories with Andrew Scarborough

Covid-19 Evangelism stories that Andrew Scarborough tells are easy to listen to and great to learn from. Tina Waldrom speaks with Andrew who is an evangelist working with Youth For Christ Australia.  Andrew is the national ministry director. Boldness and courage to share is something Andrew has grown in overtime, something we can all learn from.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…

  • The power of handing out toilet paper when there’s a shortage
  • Practical ideas to share your faith with the world around you
  • Tips to grow in confidence for evangelism
  • How to step out boldly to share faith
  • Ideas to overcome the feat of sharing your faith
  • How to take people on a journey toward faith

Andrew is also championing the Hope Stories linked with Global Outreach Day.

If you like this podcast and find it helpful, please share this link with someone today so they can discover the Win Win Evangelism Podcast:



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