COVID, Trump & Evangelism


Sally is an Aussie living in the USA. She is recovering from COVID and is living through one of the most controversial U.S presidential elections. Tina Waldrom explores the topic COVID, Trump & Evangelism and how these current times inform what’s important in evangelism now.

It’s a unique time in history. To be an Aussie living in the USA, through COVID and through a presidential election is an interesting situation. Talking with someone who is recovering from COVID is thought-provoking. This is not a political podcast episode. This is however, a moment to engage with what is going on in the world right now and how it informs the space of evangelism. Sally is currently working on the Luke18 project. This is a university prayer movement that exists to contend for revival. Sally’s ministry spans a number of decades, her thoughts and experiences are challenging in this episode.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…

  • What it’s like to have COVID.
  • How the TRUMP discussion informs evangelism.
  • The problem with division in the church when a world is watching.
  • Thoughts on making political comments as Christian.
  • New understandings on intercession and evangelism.
  • How prayer shapes a believer for effective witnessing.
  • How to recognise where God is moving and how to join in.
  • The power of recognising ‘pain points’ and how the gospel intersects.
  • The challenge of being salt and light through COVID and political times.

You can hear another episode entirely on prayer and evangelism with Sally here.




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