Creating Change for Women in Prison with Amelia Pickering

In this episode, Tina Waldrom speaks with Amelia Pickering, who supports women in and beyond prison to create change. Amelia is the CEO of Prison Network. Born in South Africa, residing in Australia, Amelia has been involved in various forms of ministry for many decades. Her experience and love for those less fortunate, is seen clearly through Prison Network.
Prison Network provides holistic support to empower and inspire change and restoration in the lives of women and their families who are, or who have been in Victoria’s prisons. Through a 70-year history, they have supported thousands of women and their families.
Living out the gospel in this space is both highly challenging and rewarding. Amelia talks openly about some of the stories and the challenges of demonstrating the gospel of Christ to women prisoners. Jesus was passionate about this ministry and is still working in the lives of people in prison today.
In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • How the gospel is bringing hope to female prisoners.
  • The surprising reasons why women end up in prison.
  • What is involved in taking hope to the prison environment?
  • Stories of people finding Christ on the ‘inside’.
  • The journey out of prison and the gospel message.
  • What biblical restoration looks like for women in prison?
  • A behind the scenes look at prison work.
  • Ideas and ways to pray for women in prison.
  • The biggest need that prisoners currently face.
  • And so much more…
Here is the pre-show interview (2 mins, 40 secs)  with Amelia regard setting the prisoners free.

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