Divine Whispers: Hearing the Voice of the Spirit and Sharing with Strangers

In this captivating episode, join host Tina Waldrom in an illuminating conversation with Karen Workentin. Delve into the intriguing topic of “Divine Whispers: Hearing the Voice of the Spirit and Sharing with Strangers.” Karen, the Dean of Rhema Bible Training College in Australia, brings a wealth of experience to the table. Originally from the USA, she has dedicated almost 3 decades to street and marketplace ministry in Australia.
 Karen’s approach to spreading the gospel to strangers in unconventional settings, be it a mall, a train, or the marketplace, is not only inspiring but also deeply guided by the Holy Spirit. Her style is conversational, creating a welcoming space for all believers to engage with. Karen urges believers to carry what they already possess – a familiarity with the Word of God and an attentiveness to His voice – into the marketplace, connecting with unfamiliar faces.

Drawing from her vast experience, she shares remarkable stories that highlight how believers can effectively listen to the Holy Spirit’s promptings, enabling them to share the gospel with those they have yet to meet. Tune in for an enriching discussion that sheds light on the remarkable synergy between divine guidance and reaching out to strangers.

In this podcast episode, you will discover:
  • Insights from an experienced minister who for almost 3 decades has shared the gospel in the marketplace.
  • The heartening approach Karen has adopted to bring the gospel to strangers in bustling places, a method led by the Holy Spirit and steeped in conversational grace.
  • Practical and applicable insights that empower all believers to step into their own evangelistic roles, carrying the message of Jesus to the unexplored corners of the marketplace.
  • Exploring the intersection of hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit and the art of effectively reaching out to those you’ve never met before.
  • Karen’s explorations into the dynamics of discipleship, offering valuable guidance on nurturing individuals who embrace Jesus in diverse, everyday settings.
  • Heartwarming stories that illustrate the power of listening to the Holy Spirit’s guidance, as shared by Karen’s experiences in her extensive journey of ministry.
  • And more…


WATCH a short video- people meeting Jesus in the mall with Karen & Tina


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