Don’t Convert People to Christianity or the Church with Darryn Keneally

Don’t Convert People to Christianity or the Church. Tina Waldrom speaks with Darryn Keneally whose conversion experience and subsequent life of following Christ, has led him to a clear focus about sharing the person of Jesus.  Darryn, who has an Order of Australia for his youth work, is today a business consultant and charity director. He realises the challenges for the Church and Christianity in the West. He spends his life focusing on the person of Jesus, Him being seen and experienced.

Darryn as a young person was homeless by choice.  Today, he is passionate about people finding out about the meaning, purpose and significance of a friendship with Jesus. As a teenager, Jesus changed his life in extraordinary ways. As he reflects on his own journey, he is often reminded to keep the focus on Jesus and not Christianity or the Church. Research shows that Jesus Christ, the founder of the Christian faith, is still a highly regarded historical figure. On the other hand, the words church and Christianity often conjure up negative perceptions.

In this episode, Darryn shares his story of hopelessness to hope. He is not ashamed of the church and in fact, is an avid church goer. He shares his story of how the church community influenced his life and helped him rehabilitate from addiction and crime. Church today, however, has a certain negative meaning to many. Christianity today, also has a damaging reputation. Darryn encourages people to embrace these realities but offers some thoughts on how Jesus can still be lifted high in this environment.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • How Jesus not Christianity changed Darry Keneally’s life.
  • Why trying to attract people to attend church can be difficult.
  • What Australians think of Jesus and the implications.
  • How Christian community helps in the discipleship process.
  • Why being Christ to others should be top priority.
  • The experiences that have led people to dislike Christianity.
  • Real life stories of people being attracted to the person of Jesus.
  • An appreciation for church and Christianity but …
  • The power of understanding the times we live in.
  • Why believers must know how to share Jesus personally.
  • And so much more…
*Watch a short video with Darryn Keneally and Tina Waldrom


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