Faith Runs Deep in Australia with Karl Faase

Tina Waldrom speaks with Karl Faase about how Faith Runs Deep in Australia. Karl and the team from Olive Tree Media are travelling the country to film a new church resource, Faith Runs Deep. In this episode, Karl talks about some of the interviews he has done so far and the lessons learnt. There is a rich history of God at work in Australia. The stories are remarkable and inspire believers to keep living out and sharing their faith.

At the time of this interview, Karl and his team had recorded many interviews on the eastern seaboard of Australia. As the pandemic restrictions lift in the coming months, the team will continue their journey across Australia.  You can follow the team and hear about the most recent recordings and stories on the Partners Facebook Page.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • How God was at work even on the First Fleet to Australia.
  • Indigenous stories that shape our nation today.
  • River Bank Frank and his faith story.
  • The stories behind the workers union in Australia.
  • How one Aussie Olympian came to faith and the impact of her life.
  • The faith behind the Royal Flying Doctors.
  • The place of faith in the establishment of the Labor Party in Australia.
  • How the son of refugee parents, finds faith in Australia and spreads the love.
  • Practical steps to stay up to date with the Faith Runs Deep church resource.
  • And so much more…
Watch a Short Video with Karl Faase & Tina Waldrom about this episode.



Faith Runs Deep Website
Faith Runs Deep Partners Facebook Page

Olive Tree Media’s New On Demand Platform (launching 8th September)

Video about the New On Demand Platform

Trailer for Jesus the Game Changer 3 



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