Go Plant a Church with Kim Hammond

Kim Hammond is a recognised evangelist with a passion for church planting. His response to the great commission is “Go plant a church”. He is the church planting champion at CityLife Church and leads a site. He is the former International Director of Forge, served on the staff at Community Christian Church (USA) and is involved with New Thing, a church planting movement.

Kim grew up in Melbourne Australia, served as a youth pastor for many years and planted a church as a young man. His passion is to see the gospel influence communities. Kim is passionate about the church living among the community to serve and love people for Christ. He is a trusted voice in the discussion of the ‘church on mission and church planting’.

Kim attributes much of his understandings today toward Alan Hirsch who is a trusted friend and brother to Kim and his family. The sharp emphasis for the church to see herself as the ‘sent’ body of Christ to a world that needs hope and salvation was formed during his time with Alan many years ago.

Kim is unique in that he is a part of a mega church that is exploring and making the shifts needed to plant churches that come out of praying, listening and serving a local community. He articulates new paradigms needed for church planting for 2020 and beyond very clearly.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • The paradigm shifts needed for effective church planting.
  • Practical steps to plant a church.
  • The posture needed to plant churches.
  • Key theological understandings for church planting.
  • Resources that help church planters.
  • Prayer and listening skills needed for church planting.


To stay connected to Kim Hammond at City Life Church (Casey) please email casey@citylife.church. Kim is also the co-author of the book Sentness, a brilliant read.


Online Evangelism Course for Church Groups and Individuals
To upskill in the area of having faith conversations with people in everyday spaces, check out the online course, On Mission with God @Home – How to Share your Faith Naturally in Conversations.


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