How to Talk About Jesus at Easter

In this special edition Easter episode, Tina Waldrom, the Director of Evangelism in Australia talks about How to Talk about Jesus at Easter. Tina interacts with three of her past guests to gain the best insights for Easter time.  In this creative episode, you’ll gain insights from three remarkable guests—Bill Hodgson, Dan Paterson, and Nathan Jones. Each will give some insights on how to share Jesus effectively during the Easter season.

Relating to Bill’s comments, he highlights the importance of taking advantage of Easter as an opportunity to explain the Christian celebration’s origins. He encourages listeners to engage in conversations about God’s desire for peace (Shalom), subtly point out the absence of peace in the world, and lead the conversation where God fits in the picture.

Dan believes Easter holds the real crux of the Christian story—the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. He suggests exploring these themes in a conversation: the expression of God’s love, dealing with evil, desiring justice, and the promise of eternal life. Dan expresses a keen interest in exploring people’s perspectives on life after death, a discussion prompted by Jesus’ resurrection.

Nathan, an expert on initiating faith/belief-based conversations, identifies happiness as an excellent starting point because it’s a universal desire. He urges listeners to ask questions around Easter related to happiness and what it means to each individual, eventually linking the discussion to purpose and meaning in life.

This episode emphasises the importance of asking questions and engaging in meaningful conversations during Easter. We hope this encourages and equips you to effectively share Jesus this Easter season.

In this podcast episode, you will discover:
  • The origins of Easter and how it presents an opportune moment to discuss the message of Jesus.
  • How the death and resurrection of Jesus can be discussed to lead people to Christ.
  • Effective conversation starters for discussing faith during the Easter season.
  • Insights into engaging with people of different beliefs and perspectives by asking thoughtful questions.
  • The significance of asking questions as a tool for fostering deeper engagement and understanding.
  • Practical tips and strategies for effectively sharing the message of Jesus during Easter.
  • And more…
SHORT VIDEO – What should we say at Easter with Nathan Jones.




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