Mid-Year Highlights #1 Sharing Jesus When People Die

It’s half year 2022, and the topic of death has been most popular.  Maybe because it’s fascinating to hear an expert talk about death. Maybe because death touches us all and we need some ideas to minister to non-Christians, during these times. Maybe it was so popular because Steve Morrison, was your ‘good old Aussie bloke’. He was down to earth and very relatable with his Christianity. Enjoy this episode, Mid-Year Highlights #1 Sharing Jesus When People Die.

In this most popular Mid-Year episode, Tina Waldrom talks with Steve Morrison about Sharing Jesus when People Die. Steve is a thanatologist, an expert in death and dying. Steve has conducted over thirteen hundred funerals. He is well practiced in bringing hope and comfort in times of death. Sharing Jesus when People Die looks different in each situation. Steve shares his wisdom and experience, to help believers share Jesus at these times.

Steve had an unusual pathway to the more than thirteen hundred funerals he has now conducted. From the beginning, Steve loved this type of work. His pathway to funeral chaplaincy is, as surprising to him, as it will be to those listening. Steve has walked through countless scenarios. He has seen the varying responses of thousands of people as they respond to grief. He has discovered how to walk with and love people through crisis. He has discovered how to respond appropriately, as a Christian during these times.

In this episode, Steve shares his funeral stories. He talks about the lessons learnt and the wisdom gained. He discusses what’s appropriate and what’s not appropriate when people die. At times, Christians can respond in ways that are not helpful. Steve lays some solid foundations that will help govern responses, when people die. He encourages people to put their focus on the living and not the dead. He talks about the appropriate ways to share Christ during these times.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • What to say and what not to say, when people die.
  • How to point people to Jesus during grief and loss.
  • How to download a FREE e-book from Steve.
  • Stories of people dying and how Steve has responded.
  • How to answer the questions of heaven and afterlife at this time.
  • What to say when people ask if their loved one is in heaven?
  • The need to be appropriate as a Christian when people die.
  • Advice on grief from Steve Morrison.
  • How a focus on the dead can trip you up as a Christian.
  • Why focusing on the living during times of death is best practice?
  • What it takes to bring the gospel to when people die.
  • The mindset needed to help people walk though crisis.
  • And so much more…
Watch a Short Video with Steve Morrison 





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