No to Fashion Yes to Jesus

Tina Waldrom talks with Elli Kop who said, No to Fashion Yes to Jesus. Elli, an accomplished professional in the fashion world, felt prompted by God, to move in a new direction. After looking intentionally at her own life and clarifying her abilities, she said yes to bringing the good news to communities. Elli shares the process of discovery and what she is doing today at Collective Hope Community Services, in Western Australia.

Now serving the Lord to bring hope, life and love to communities, Elli is surprised by how much of her fashion world experience, is helpful today. She makes the statement, “you can take the girl out of fashion but you can’t take the fashion out of the girl”. The people skills, the administrative capacity and ‘industry’ know-how are all being used, in new ways to help people discover Christ.

In this episode, Elli challenges believers to consider what they are doing, and what the future holds. In her early fifties, Elli considered and embraced the changes that have moved her into the second half of life. She shares the satisfaction of using her gifts to partner with God on mission. She talks about her gifts and abilities to love those in the community that can be overlooked. Her story is about a woman who was honest and brave enough, to evaluate life from a Kingdom perspective and respond accordingly.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • Elli’s personal journey from fashion work to community work.
  • What to do to evaluate your contribution to life and courses to take.
  • How a personal mission statement can clarify what God is calling you to.
  • The truth about nothing going to waste in God’s eyes.
  • How Elli made her first step out of fashion and into the future.
  • Stories of Ellen helping others to reconsider their potential.
  • What it takes to make a major shift, mid-way through life.
  • Principles to live a purposeful life in Christ.
  • Why doing the same old same old needs to be challenged?
  • How the Lord uses Elli’s fashion world to help serve the community.
  • And so much more…
Watch a Short Video with Elli Kop and Tina Waldrom





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