Reaching People Who Are Aware but Not Interested in Christianity with Tina Waldrom

In this episode, Tina Waldrom teaches on Reaching People Who Are Aware but Not Interested in Christianity.  In life, people are in different spaces. Many are aware of Christianity, but they’re simply not interested. What’s the best approach with this type of a person and how do you move them to becoming interested? Tina gives some great insights into this topic with practical advice and applications. This is a helpful teaching with everyday examples.

Reaching People Who Are Aware, but Not Interested in Christianity requires new understandings. Tina talks about the goal of outreach and how the concept of truth is conveyed. Disciple making in the context of Christian community is explored and the ways in which people seek and find truth is discussed. Nowadays, people want to see Jesus in others more than they want to hear about Him.

In this episode, Tina talks about the importance of Jesus being seen in the life of believers and the taboo topics that should be avoided. Avoided if a person is aware of Christianity but not so much interested in Christianity. Tina talks about the topics of discussion that can hinder people from moving forward on their journey of discovering Jesus. This is an insightful and helpful episode for anyone who is wondering how to connect best with those who know about Christianity but are not necessarily interested.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • How to reach those who are aware of Christianity?
  • The conversations not to have with this group of people.
  • Ways to engage with people that moves them toward Christ.
  • The taboo topics that seekers don’t find helpful.
  • New ways that people discover truth.
  • Why speaking negative of other faiths is not helpful.
  • The place of discussing politics with seekers.
  • Ways to help your friends discover truth outside of church.
  • How to create a faith community around a non-believer.
  • What a spiritual conversation may look like with this group.
  • And so much more…

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