Reaching Uber Rich Kids with Josh Tyler

Interview, podcast

Tina Waldrom speaks with Josh Tyler who had an opportunity to reach the Uber rich kids in a lucrative boarding school in Europe. Josh has a Masters of Education and worked in a boarding school in Melbourne, Australia before taking the role overseas. The boarding school he worked in was filled with young people from the wealthiest families. Taking the gospel to this setting was a challenge.

Before heading overseas, Josh had worked with many young people from just about every socio-economic background in Australia. This assignment to the uber rich where money was never lacking and an attitude of ‘entitlement’ prevailed was a very different experience. In its physical appearance, the boarding school was very ‘Hogwart-esh’, made even more beautiful in the winter time.

Working with the sons and daughters of politicians, global leaders and societies ‘finest’ was an unforgettable experience. Bringing the good news, sharing faith to the kids of the wealthiest in the world was a great assignment from Jesus. Before heading to the lucrative school, the Lord has shown Josh many keys that certainly set him up to minister effectively to this elite sub-culture.

In this podcast episode, you will discover …
  • How an everyday Aussie ends up ministering to the Uber rich kids of the world.
  • The ingredients to minister to people who feel they are ‘entitled’.
  • How to share Jesus with young people who seemingly have it all.
  • The power of the Christin life to reveal Christ to the wealthy.
  • How love needs to look to wealthy people.
  • A strategy to reaching affluent people in society.
  • How an Aussie can follow Jesus to the ends of the earth to share the gospel.
  • The timeless principles of the gospel and how they connect to everyone.
  • And so much more…
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