Remembering Pastor Tim Keller: A Legacy of Evangelism and City Transformation

The passing of Pastor Tim Keller has left a profound void in the world of Christian ministry. His contributions to the global and Australian church, particularly through his evangelism perspectives and work with City to City Australia, have left an indelible mark on cities and the spread of the Gospel. Today, we honor the remarkable legacy of this influential pastor, theologian, and author. Remembering Pastor Tim Keller: A Legacy of Evangelism and City Transformation is our special tribute to Tim and his family.
  1. The Heart of Evangelism:

Pastor Tim Keller was known for his deep commitment to evangelism, passionately bridging the gap between faith and culture. His teachings resonated with Australians seeking to engage a diverse and secular society. Keller encouraged believers to share the timeless truths of the Gospel in a winsome and intellectually robust manner, impacting lives across all backgrounds.

  1. Formation of City to City Australia:

Under Keller’s guidance, City to City Australia was established, inspired by the original network in New York City. This organization equipped and supported church planters and urban leaders across Australia. Recognizing the unique challenges and opportunities in Australian cities, Keller aimed to see churches become agents of cultural and societal renewal.

  1. Influential Books and Teachings:

Keller’s impactful books, including “The Reason for God,” “The Prodigal God,” and “Making Sense of God,” provided intellectual and spiritual guidance. In Australia, his writings became valuable resources for engaging in thoughtful conversations about faith, doubt, and the relevance of Christianity in the modern world.

4. City to City Australia 

At Evangelism in Australia we have had the great privilege of having the team from City to City Australia on our podcast. Here a a couple of resources for you to enjoy.

Go Plant a Church with City to City Australia

Pastor Tim Keller’s passing marks the end of an era in the global Christian community. His steadfast commitment to evangelism, work with City to City Australia, and influential writings have shaped the Australian church. Keller’s legacy reminds us of the transformative power of the Gospel and the importance of engaging with the world around us.

As we remember Tim Keller, let us carry forward his vision for vibrant, Gospel-centered churches that impact communities and engage with the prevailing culture. May his passion for evangelism and dedication to equipping leaders inspire and shape the future of the Australian church. Though physically absent, his teachings and influence will endure, empowering generations to pursue truth, justice, and the love of Christ.

With love and respect to Tim’s family a this time,

Tina & the Team at EIA


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