Education (Classroom Training & Seminars)

COVID-19 UPDATE – Evangelism in Australia is making all our seminars available online during the COVID-19 pandemic. We can customise the seminars to form virtual groups for your church or organisation. Please contact us for more information. Thank you.

We train everyday believers for effective outreach.

Our underlying foundation is that people come to faith over time, conversion is a process.

The work of evangelism was never meant to be difficult; it can be easy… almost effortless. We train people so they enjoy being a part of the great commission (Matthew 28:19-20).

EIA also run seminars on request from churches and Christian organisations. We also run our own boutique seminars throughout the year online and in select locations. See Events Page for in-house seminar dates.

Here’s a list of some of our seminars for your Church or organisation
  • The art of conversations with non-believers
  • How to effectively share your story with others
  • How can I share my faith naturally online?
  • Sharing my faith during COVID-19
  • How do I keep my church small group outward focused?
  • Understanding conversion as a process and how to journey with people
  • What’s at the heart of the gospel and how do I share that?
  • How to build generational ministries that effectively reach secular society
  • Help me out! What should I avoid when reaching out to others?
  • How to answer the tough questions for non-believers
  • How to reach different generations with the gospel
  • My friend is following Jesus now! How do I help them grow in Christ?
  • OR tell us your needs and we will craft a seminar for you!

*Seminars range in time and consist of information, group discussion and practical exercises.

College Courses

EIA has worked with Harvest Bible College (now Alphacrucis College) to write and develop VET and Higher Ed courses. Whilst working with local churches to write and deliver courses, we have also worked with Youth Dimension to evaluate and facilitate the redesign of courses for young leaders. Reach out if we can assist you in the development of curriculum and resources.

Course Development

A special part of Evangelism in Australia and Doctor Tina Waldrom’s work is the development of evangelism curriculum for Bible Colleges, churches and mission agencies.

Accredited courses on Evangelism

We have extensive experience in developing courses on evangelism for colleges. We understand that accreditation requires units to be planned and written within thorough guidelines to meet the quality and standards of regulatory agencies in Australia. We develop courses of various lengths depending on the requirements of the specific college, church or agency.

Non-accredited Short Courses on Evangelism

Many churches and organisations are looking to develop short courses on evangelism for their people. These courses are not subject to the rigorous demands of accreditation and can be developed very specifically to a local context. We are experts in this area, having many years of practical experience working with local Australian churches and organisations. We can effectively help you develop a short course and facilitate the teaching as needed.

Small Group Studies on Evangelism

Aussies are looking for small groups studies on evangelism that are applicable to Australia. We specialise in content that is culturally relevant and effective for Australia. Let us design specific small group studies for your needs.

Personalised Coaching in Evangelism

We coach evangelists, Christian leaders and outreach groups to be more productive in the work of evangelism.

  • Coaching is the fast track to learning and transformation.
  • Coaching is often the difference between average and excellent outcomes.
  • Coaching brings accelerated growth by putting people in an environment to think, process and make informed choices to gain better results.
If you or your group are wanting accelerated growth in the field of outreach, we can help.
  • We work one-on-one with people as well as in groups.
  • We coach face to face or online pending the circumstances.
  • Our coaching is tailored to each situation.
  • Our coaching is performance driven, the goal is improvement.
Coaching involves…
  • A desire to learn
  • An expectation for accelerated growth
  • A commitment to turn up to the coaching appointment
  • Dedication to follow through with actions you decide to take.
Coaching helps people and groups explore questions such as…
  • How do I speak to a non-Christian audience and include my faith in an engaging manner?
  • Evangelism strategy is vital, how does my church put this together and how do we keep on track?
  • How do I craft a message for a community event that presents Christ yet respects diversity?
  • How do I put together a good gospel message?
  • What should we include in our evangelism training package?
  • What can my outreach group do to become more effective?
  • As a church. what should we be doing when it comes to outreach? What are our options?
  • How does our community organisation walk the fine balance of being Christ and declaring Christ?
  • How do I grow and learn as an evangelist to be most effective?
  • As an evangelist, how do I go about ensuing I am equipping others?
  • Which evangelism tools and programs best suit the culture of our church?

So…how could evangelism coaching help you?

Speaking & Preaching

Tina & the team at EIA are experienced evangelists that have a proven track record to train and equip the church across the generations.

Our evangelists are great communicators with an ability to preach and teach
in both small and large environments.

Speakers are engaging and relevant to the audiences they speak with.

When we speak, our focus is on training everyday believers to lean into natural and easy ways to share the hope of Christ.

Our team are also invited to give evangelistic messages at church and community events so every day Aussies hear the gospel.

For more information on our speakers please contact us.

Discover a new future in evangelism