Sharing Your Faith Through The Hard Times

Tina Waldrom speaks with Pam Maclean about her challenging Christian life and the ability to still share her faith. Sharing your faith through the hard times is possible. Pam has suffered depression, anxiety and many physical challenges whilst following Jesus. Understanding the tough times from God’s perspective has given her great hope to continue to share her faith.

In this episode Pam shares about the challenges she’s faced and how God has helped her to understand her suffering as a follower of Christ. She has moved from a position of shame, often wondering, ‘why me and what have I done wrong’, to a position of power. Today, as a Christian counsellor, she can share her faith with grace and understanding, knowing that God loves her. Her circumstances do not change what the word of God says about her.

This is a great listen. Sharing Your Faith Through The Hard Times. Pam shares some of her ‘blooper’ stories and the ‘winning’ stories of reaching out to others. Her many years of following Christ have afforded Pam the wisdom and maturity that she shares in this episode.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • How challenging times are part of the normal Christian life.
  • The power of listening and learning from your witnessing mistakes.
  • Why challenging times and dark spaces do not define who we are.
  • How to use your challenging times to share your faith in Christ.
  • The language and mindsets needed to share your faith with others.
  • How medical and therapeutic workers can become your mission field.
  • Stories of Pam reaching out with God’s love through dark seasons.
  • How easy it can be to share your faith.
  • And so much more…

To hear to more about Pam, you can follow her on Instagram, account name God Healing Hearts.

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