The Evangelism Tension in Chaplaincy with Graham Bradbeer

Tina Waldrom speaks with Graham Bradbeer about The Evangelism Tension in Chaplaincy. Graham is an expert in this field. He worked for more than 30 years in a prominent boys school in Australia. The opportunities were great but equally was the need to be wise with how the Gospel was both heard and seen. Wisdom to manage the often-felt tension when representing Christ through Chaplaincy is what Graham did best. His reflections and learnings from decades of experience are invaluable.

It was Graham’s great joy to have been involved in the lives of almost 1000 students each week. Representing Christ well was the challenge. Graham was conscience of not inoculating people from the Gospel, and so took a certain approach to his work. Going about his work with a long-term approach helped Graham take steps in chaplaincy that were measured and wise. Caring and loving others was a privilege that Christ had given him. He never wanted to abuse the access he had been given to people’s lives but simply wanted to represent Christ well in the setting.

In this episode, Graham reveals the heart behind his service. The importance of downward mobility to serve others is a hall mark of his story. A genuine love and care for both students and staff are so evident in Graham’s approach. Each week and three times per week, Graham had the opportunity to say something about Christ to hundreds of students and to the listening ears of school staff. Graham shares some of the processes he went through to decide on what to say and what not to say. He talks about the bigger picture of what he was trying to achieve. The Evangelism Tension in Chaplaincy was something Graham embraced and learnt to do well. The lessons he shares are helpful for everyone bringing the Gospel to ­­others.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • Wisdom from 30 years of chaplaincy experience.
  • How to manage the evangelism tension in chaplaincy.
  • What pure and good deeds look like in chaplaincy.
  • How downward mobility is the best model for chaplaincy.
  • The place of declaration versus good deeds in evangelism.
  • Why integrity with people trumps everything in outreach.
  • Thought-provoking comments on the role of a Chaplain.
  • How to not abuse the access that Chaplains are given.
  • The Power of recognising the place of others in the caring chain.
  • How to stay connected to Graham Bradbeer.
  • And so much more…
*Watch a short video with Graham Bradbeer and Tina Waldrom



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