Top 5 Episodes 2022 #4 Is Friendship Evangelism Dead?

This summer in Australia, we are showcasing the top 5 episodes listened to in 2022. This is #4.
Tina Waldrom speaks with Jo Hood to explore the question, Is Friendship Evangelism Dead? Jo is the visionary CEO of mainly Ministries. mainly Ministries have thirty plus years’ experience helping churches with community engagement. Genuine friendships between believers and the community are key when it comes to Jesus being revealed. The concept of friendship, what that means and how friendship is developed needs a fresh approach. Is Friendship Evangelism Dead? With Jo’s definition, maybe it is.

 Jo Hood heard all about friendship evangelism as she grew up in church. It was talked about with a high level of intentionality. The goal was to befriend people with the intent of sharing the gospel. At the time, this approach to evangelism was exciting and new. Thousands of people have shared their faith this way over the years. However, taking a deeper look at this approach, Jo feels that through her experience, there are some inherent pitfalls with the methodology.

In this episode, Jo talks about the solutions that mainly Ministries offer and how evangelism is connected. Over the thirty plus years of involvement, the Holy Spirit has revealed to Jo some best practices when it comes to Jesus being revealed. Jo shares the ethos that sits behind the community engagement work that she is recommending. She explains why friendship evangelism is dead and a better way forward to seeing Christ revealed.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • What friendship evangelism is.
  • The downsides of friendship evangelism.
  • The need to be present BUT to say something.
  • How to tweak friendship evangelism to be more Christ-like.
  • Some examples of the Holy Spirit leading in evangelism.
  • The effective ethos of mainly Ministries.
  • What a whole life approach to mission is about?
  • How to be more genuine with personal evangelism?
  • How to do friendship without any strings attached?
  • Stories of believers living a life that attracts questions.
  • The importance of pure, Christ honouring friendships in evangelism.
  • And so much more…
Watch a short video with Jo Hood 

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