Weekly Evangelism Podcast

Evangelism In Australia produces a weekly podcast, The Win Win Evangelism podcast. We interview people across Australia to find out how they are reaching out with the good news of Jesus.  Every day believers are doing a great job in sharing their faith in ways that are effective and easy to learn from. We tell the stories of everyday heroes so to speak.

Evangelism does not need to be difficult, scary or intimidating. The goal of the podcast is to profile stories where every day lessons can be learnt. The weekly stories are a source of encouragement and equipping for listeners.

You can listen along on your favourite listening app or by listening through our website.

Here is a list (not exhaustive) and the links so you can subscribe and listen easily. 

1. Listen and subscribe on Apple Podcasts (click here). 

2. Listen and subscribe on Spotify (click here).

3. Listen and subscribe on Google Podcasts (click here). 

4. Listen and subscribe on Stitcher (click here).

5. Listen and subscribe on Podbean (click here).

6. Listen via our website (click here).


*We have produced 52 episodes as of Feb 23rd, 2021.

Subscribe via the links above so you don’t miss an episode.

We look forward to encouraging you through our weekly podcast,

Praying for a great harvest, in Jesus name,


Tina Waldrom & The Team at EIA


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