What Christianity is Not with Tina Waldrom

In a special edition episode, Tina Waldrom delves into the misconceptions surrounding Christianity and its potential to facilitate outreach efforts. In this episode, What Christianity is Not, Tina challenges the notion of Christianity as merely a structured institution, instead underscoring its essence as a personal relationship with the divine. Central to her message is the experiential dimension of Christianity, emphasising the significance of internal transformation. She urges listeners to engage in meaningful dialogues with others, inviting them to encounter the transformative power of Jesus firsthand.

Through her discussion, Tina dismantles common misunderstandings about Christianity, offering insights that can empower individuals to effectively share their faith. By highlighting Christianity’s intimate connection with God and its transformative effects on individuals, she encourages listeners to engage in open conversations with others, extending invitations to experience the profound spiritual journey Christianity offers. Tina’s emphasis on personal connection and experiential understanding serves as a catalyst for fostering deeper engagement with Christian principles and facilitating meaningful outreach endeavours.

In this podcast episode, you will discover:
  • How to share that Christianity is not a structure or an institution, but a personal connection with God.
  • Why showing people that Christianity is a personal connection with God is helpful.
  • Tools to help people see that Christianity is an individual faith with direct access to God.
  • Effective ways to show that Christianity is an experiential faith that emphasises personal experiences.
  • How to help people see that Christianity is about an internal transformation with a focus on developing love, compassion, and humility.
  • Practical tips e to engage in conversations with others about the true nature of Christianity and invite them to experience Jesus.
  • And more…






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