About Tina Waldrom

“Jesus never ceases to amaze me”.

My Personal Story…

I met Jesus in San Diego, California at 23 years of age.

I certainly wasn’t looking to have an encounter with God and I certainly wasn’t looking to become a Christian.

An incredible set of circumstances led to the most remarkable transformation that continues to this day.

Jesus never ceases to amaze me.

I grew with a great passion to share Christ personally. I soon discovered the effective and not so effective methods of sharing my faith.

Before long, I realised that church ministers and leaders also had their own challenges concerning evangelism. It seemed that outreach was a high value for many congregations, however effectiveness was lacking. Over the years I have come to learn that a little training and coaching can really make a big difference.

During my almost three decades of working on local church staff and with bible colleges and mission organisations, I’ve had the great privilege to speak and share with many people on evangelism. I’ve been fortunate to lead and coach evangelism groups; write accredited courses; train believers, mobilise leaders, strategise with churches and ultimately create movement toward reaching Australia for Jesus.

I completed my Doctor of Ministry at Fuller Theological Seminary in 2015. It was the time of my life, having the ability to reflect on many years of practice and to learn further in the field of outreach. Ongoing learning and practice in this field will always be my passion. I still find myself thinking through and implementing much of my research.

My husband Peter is a Kiwi and unlike myself was raised in a Christian home but chose not to follow Christ until his own set of remarkable circumstances bought him back to Jesus. Today, with our two beautiful children, we live knowing how wonderful Christ is and with a desire to share His love and reality with others.

There are many wonderful evangelists and outreach organisations in my home country of Australia. It’s my deep hope and prayer that God can use my experiences and relationships to help all followers of Jesus be more effective in God’s mission.

I look forward to meeting and serving with you, for his glory.

God’s richest blessings to you,


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