On Mission with God @Home – FREE SAMPLE COURSE

An online personal evangelism course to help you share your faith naturally in conversations.
(for individuals & groups)

Does This Sound Like You?

Your faith is very real to you and you would love others to experience Jesus. You are keen to share your faith but don’t want it to be awkward. You’d like some extra teaching and coaching to hear about some tried and tested ways to do this better.

I want to share my faith without being awkward

I want to know how to start a spiritual conversation

I’d like to be more confident to share God’s story

I want to share my faith naturally and confidently

I want to share my faith with neighbours & at work

I’d like to know how to tell my story effectively

I want to reach my community with the gospel

I’d like to know how to slide ‘Jesus’ into a conversation

Are you looking for an online personal evangelism course, for your church, your group or yourself? Would you like to experience our FREE SAMPLE?

4 Modules Make Up The Full Course

Helping You Share Your Faith Naturally in Conversations



“I absolutely loved the course. I’m not an evangelist… now I’m genuinely excited to share my faith.”

“Great training from Evangelism in Australia. My husband and I highly recommend this, we loved talking it over together.”

“5 STARS from me! I’ve wanted to get better at sharing Jesus with my family and friends. Thank you.”

“I’ve honestly been so scared to share my faith. Tina’s insight and training has been transforming for me.”