HOPE Versus God Bothering with Darryn Keneally

Tina Waldrom speaks with Darryn Keneally from Hope Foundation in Adelaide, South Australia. He is the founder of three welfare organisations and has a high profile in the welfare world. Darryn did not grow up knowing Jesus. As a young man, he found himself involved in the drug and crime scene. It was the kindness of Christians that led him to Christ. His radical conversion led him to devote his life to bringing HOPE, not God bothering to others.  

Darryn is an evangelist with a unique edge. His decades of work with young people, combined with advanced learning have given him a unique understanding on the power of HOPE. Darryn’s research into the concept of HOPE have shaped his understanding on how the church can effectively reach secular society.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • A definition of HOPE that connects with non-Christians.
  • Why HOPE is the key to reaching secular Australia.
  • What the bible says about HOPE and how to be a HOPE bringer.
  • Stories of people coming to faith where HOPE was renewed.
  • The challenge of bringing hope versus speaking hope.
  • Ideas to bring the gospel to people’s lives in new and fresh ways.
  • Tips for churches and believers to market HOPE so to speak.
  • PLUS, so much more.
Connect with Darryn Keneally at the Hope Foundation or through  In2Life.


*WATCH 2 short interviews with Tina Waldrom from Evangelism In Australia and Darryn Keneally below.


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