Missional Living on Kangaroo Island with Conrad Tickner

Conrad Tickner is living an effective missional life on Kangaroo Island, South Australia. Conrad felt the Lord send him to the Island to potentially start a church. As it turned out, starting a church was not the first stop to reaching the community.
Having decades of ministry experience under his belt, Conrad was confident to follow the voice of the Holy Spirit into the missional lifestyle he and his family are living.

When Conrad arrived on the Island, he discovered the many needs of the community by simply spending time with people. Many of the initial people he bumped into had some church experience but for many reasons had become De Churched. The conversation began and went from there.

Today, Conrad is a school chaplain on the Island and a valued member of the local footy club. Conrad and his family are firmly embedded among the community on the Island and are seeing the Lord extend His love to many as they continue to listen to and serve the community.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • How to listen to the Holy Spirit before reaching out to others.
  • The power of missional living.
  • Listening skills needed to be an effective witness for Christ.
  • Potential ways to love the De Churched.
  • How to join a community group and stick firm to your faith.
  • Practical ways to show love and support to a community.
  • Thoughts on being an effective chaplain.
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