#3 Reaching the De-Churched with Natasha Rae

EIA speaks with Positive Psychological Practitioner Natasha Rae from The Morph Clinic in Geelong, Victoria. This is part THREE in the series of the De-Churched.
Episode 3 is all about the power of story. Natasha is brave and honest enough to share her own De-Churched story in this episode. She has discovered the power and healing in speaking out and encourages others to do the same. “Don’t leave your story locked up inside of you”, are her words of advice.
  • Here’s the ‘behind the scenes video’ with Natasha before this full episode was released.

Natasha Rae is the founder of the Morph Clinic in Geelong, Victoria. She has almost three decades of experience working with people. Natasha worked in church circles for a long time before a crisis led her in a new direction. Today she works as a Positive Psychological Practitioner with schools and heads her own clinic. She talks both personally and professionally in this interview.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • The power of speaking out about your story.
  • Natasha’s story from pain to forgiveness, striving to thriving.
  • The place and necessity of pain in personal growth.
  • The power of God to bring redemption among ruin.
  • Practical steps for De-Churched people to take.
  • An understanding of ‘change’ from a therapist’s point of view.

A Further Resource –  The Psychology of Dealing with Change: How to Become Resilient by Natasha Rae.

We would recommend you listen to episode 1 and episode 2 in this series on the De-Churched.

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