#1 ‘Everyday Psychology’ in Evangelism – Mental Health.

Tina Waldrom speaks with Positive Psychological Practitioner Natasha Rae regard mental health. This is the first episode of many to discuss ‘Everyday Psychology’ and how it can help believers’ journey with people who don’t know Christ yet. Today, people are facing ever increasing challenges in everyday life. Jesus meets people at their point of need. ‘Everyday Psychology’ tips can help in mission and evangelism.

Evangelism In Australia has partnered with Natasha Rae to discuss specific issues and to get some understanding on how we can more effectively help those around us. Natasha has a Masters in Positive Psychology from Melbourne University. She has her own practice, The Morph Clinic and is the well-being coordinator at a large private school. ‘Everyday Psychology’ will help you AS YOU journey with people who don’t know Christ yet.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • What mental health is and what it is not?
  • How COVID has impacted people’s mental health.
  • Everyday tips to help your neighbours and friends who are struggling.
  • How to help non-believers when you’re not a psychologist.
  • The lack of certainty that people are experiencing and what to do.
  • Ideas to help your friends that are experiencing anxiety.
  • Why mental health issues arise in people’s lives and what to do.
  • The questions to ask to help people going through mental health challenges.
  • The time needed to help others in the area of mental health?
  • How to support people and when to refer people on.
*We recommend the following organisations to direct your friends to who are struggling with their mental health.

Beyond Blue, The Black Dog, and Life Line

*You can connect with Natasha further through The Morph Clinic.

You can also watch a short introductory interview with Tina Waldrom from Evangelism In Australia and Natasha Rae regard this introductory episode below.

*In the past, Natasha has been on the show talking on the topic of De-Churched. Here are the links to those episodes:

Reaching the De-Churched #1

Reaching the De-Churched #2

Reaching the De-Churched #3


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