2 Practical Keys to Pray for Non-Christians

Recently, I had the privilege to interview intercessor Sally Goode. Sally shared 2 practical keys on praying for non-Christians. They were both profound and very simple.

Sally is an Australian now on assignment in the United States. She is a trusted and recognised voice in the ministry of prayer and evangelism. Sally has a way to describe the connection between prayer and evangelism with great insight. She is a teacher at heart that makes the Bible truths about prayer, simple and easy to understand. She is now associated with The International House of Prayer in Kansas City, Missouri.

I asked Sally a number of questions.
The first one was around the power of agreement. Agreeing with what God says in His word. This is what Sally said.

“When we think about prayer, we have to understand that we really do have a great High Priest (Hebrews 4:14-16). Scripture is quite clear on that. And it’s Jesus! He’s actually asking the Father for the earth. ‘Father, I desire that all men come to know me’ and we discover that in John 17. We see Jesus before He goes to the cross. He’s asking the Father for people. ‘Father, I love people, you love people and we’re asking for these ones that you love. That they would be with me where I am’.

And so, as Christians, as believers, we can take the scriptures and very simply agree with what Jesus Himself is asking for. And so that is I think, the simplest and most powerful part of understanding praying for the lost.  Is that Jesus is first praying for the lost himself”.

My second question was, ‘Does it matter how long I pray? If I want to get a little more serious about praying for people in my world to come to know Christ, do I need to pray for a certain amount of time? What are the keys?

This is what Sally said. “Honestly, what I’ve really loved doing recently is I pray scripted prayers.

And what I mean by scripted prayers is I write out a very short prayer. We all have phones and little note sections on our phones, and I take a scripture and I’ll write it on my phone. I’ll set an alarm on my phone because that helps me because I’m distracted during my day and I just get thinking about all kinds of things.  But then when my alarm goes off, I’ll just spend a couple of minutes, and I’ll see that person’s name and I’ll just ask the Father for that person’s heart, and so it doesn’t have to be long at all.

I think scripture would teach us that it’s about asking in faith. It’s not really about how long we are asking for”.


Sally talked further with me – here is what she had to say in the following two videos.



**Oh and yes, here is the link to the full podcast: Why Is Prayer the Key to Evangelism


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