Why is Prayer the Key to Evangelism?

Tina Waldrom speaks with intercessor Sally Goode. The intersection of prayer and evangelism is vital to seeing people come to faith. Sally, an Aussie now on assignment in the United States is a trusted and recognised voice in this field. She discusses why prayer is the key to evangelism.

Sally has a way to describe the connection between prayer and evangelism in a profound way. She is a teacher at heart that makes bible truths about prayer simple and easy to understand. Sally is currently working on the Luke18 project. She has been involved with the International House of Prayer for many years. This is a university prayer movement that exists to fuel a culture of prayer and fasting to contend for revival and awakening on university campuses. Her ministry spans a number of decades, her message and ministry are pivotal for the church. So, why is prayer the key to evangelism?

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • What you did not know about prayer and evangelism.
  • How you can see people come to faith through simple prayers.
  • Why every believer must pray for people to come to faith.
  • The ingredients to effectively praying for the harvest.
  • Ideas on how to pray and what to pray.
  • The power of knowing that it starts with Jesus.
  • The importance of getting evangelism and prayer in the right order.
  • The challenge and truth for every believer to be an intercessor.

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