Miracles & The Goodness of God, NOT Fear

Tina Waldrom talks with Joe Vettoor about Miracles & The ­­­Goodness of God, NOT Fear. Joe’s conviction is that the goodness of God, not fear, leads people to repentance. People need to know the love of God. Joe spent ten years door knocking and sharing Christ. He likens that time to ‘selling fire insurance’ to non-believers. Today, he majors on the love of God as he prays for healing on the streets in Western Australia. Joe shares his journey to becoming a witness for Christ that majors on the goodness of God for all of humanity. This is an inspiring story with great insights for healing and evangelism.

After watching people healed, Joe moved from knowing about Christ to personally knowing Him. With this revelation and heart change, he became passionate about sharing his faith. It was the love of the Father that grabbed Joe’s attention and he attributed the healings and miracles to that love. He became convinced that the love of the Father is what people needed to know and understand.

He was invited to some evangelism training that equipped him to share his faith, walking from door to door. Although this was somewhat effective, Joe longed for a way to share his faith, that was more authentic and consistent with the declaration that, ‘God is good’. It was at this time, that he walked up to a man sitting under a tree in Western Australia. This moment changed everything for Joe. Today, the story is still unfolding as Joe sees people come to Christ through Miracles & The Goodness of God, NOT Fear.

In this episode, Joe talks about the differences between sharing your faith with a harsh edge to one that is more consistent with the message, that God is a good and loving Father. He talks about and demonstrates how he has been able to reveal the Fathers love to people by praying for healing. Miracles & The Goodness of God, NOT Fear is Joe’s message to a world that needs Christ.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • Why a good God needs to be heard in the gospel message.
  • The difference between fear based & grace-based evangelism.
  • How to pray for people so the goodness of God is revealed.
  • The need for a Loving Father to be declared and revealed.
  • Stories of the goodness of God leading people to repentance.
  • A way of healing evangelism that demonstrates God’s heart.
  • What to say in love when you approach people to pray for healing.
  • The barriers for churches to overcome to disciple people from the streets.
  • Joe’s stories of healing and how the goodness of God draws people.
  • And so much more…
Watch a Short Video with Tina Waldrom & Joe Vettoor 

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