Training Evangelists: Lessons from Conrad Parsons

Tina Waldrom speaks with Aussie Evangelist Conrad Parsons about Training Evangelists. For many decades, Conrad has focused on training other evangelists both in Australia and beyond. He is a seasoned evangelist who has been faithful and fruitful over time. His journey, told through Coconut Apostles is remarkable. Through Global Evangelists, he locates, validates and activates gifted evangelists in their vocational contests. His insights and keys to becoming more effective in outreach have been multiplied thousands of times over.

Conrad rightfully points out the difference between an evangelist and the task that every believer has to reach out with the gospel. Sharing his own stories and the stories of others, Conrad encourages a type of evangelism where the Holy Spirit needs to be the number one-person leading. Through his conservative Christian background, the power of the Spirit is so very evident in all that Conrad shares and has experienced in his ministry.

In this episode, Conrad shares many insights into the work of evangelism and how to train others. He discusses his work in the Pacific Islands and the invaluable insights gained from this. Conrad shares about the unique calling of an evangelist and how to successfully raise up healthy evangelists. He explores the unique makeup of evangelists and what is needed to encourage, train and release them into ministry. You can take a free online test as an Evangelist through Order of St Phillip.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • What the calling to be an evangelist may look like.
  • Tips to ‘do’ evangelism in a way that represents God well.
  • The heart of an evangelist and what’s important?
  • How to train healthy evangelists that put discipleship first.
  • Stories of unplanned miracles and the lessons learnt.
  • How to recognise up-and-coming evangelists.
  • The strengths and weaknesses of evangelists.
  • Why equipping evangelists is so important?
  • How to let the Holy Spirit lead in evangelism.
  • Why miracles may not be happening in the Australian context?
  • The importance of the ‘unexplained’ in the Christian faith.
  • How evangelists can function effectively in the body of Christ.
  • And so much more…


Conrad’s Number 1 Evangelism Tip Here – WATCH NOW




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