Taking the Gospel to Urban Neighbourhoods

Aussie Scott Wellard is reaching out with the gospel in the urban spaces of Liverpool, England. He is taking the gospel to urban neighbourhoods. Scott felt the Lord speak to him about church planting many years ago. Fifteen years later, Scott and his wife sold everything to relocate to a neighbourhood and a people they were unfamiliar with.

They arrived on the ground and started a process of discovery. Discovering where God had sent them and discovering who He had sent them to. This is a modern-day story of leaving everything behind to take the gospel to a different neighbourhood. The lesson learnt here are applicable to all believers seeking to share the gospel with the community they live amongst.


 In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • The process involved to follow the call of God to take the gospel ‘elsewhere’.
  • The key questions worth asking to reach a neighbourhood for Christ.
  • The role of ‘listening’ in the process of discovering what God has in store.
  • Practical ideas to connect with urban dwellers.
  • The power of a ‘mum and dad’ mentality when reaching urban millennials.
  • Steps to take to plant a church from the bottom up.
You can hear more about church planting with Kim Hammond from New Thing, who spoke with EIA recently. You can also listen to another episode on church planting with City to City Australia.

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