Why is Alpha Online so Successful and How does it Work?

Tina Waldrom speaks with Paul “Skip” Smith regards the enormous success of Alpha Online. How did the organisation pivot so quickly during COVID-19 and how does Alpha online work? Why is it so successful?

Skip is the Queensland state representative for Alpha Australia. He has been involved in ministry in Australia for a number of decades and is one of the key people leading the charge to see more churches and individuals run Alpha digitally.

Having just facilitated Alpha Online himself and talking to many church leaders, Skip has many valuable insights into this space. COVID-19 certainly highlighted the fact that Aussies are looking for answers and that they are more than happy to engage online to try and find answers to their questions.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • How Alpha Australia pivoted to online during COVID-19.
  • Why Aussies are so open to exploring faith online.
  • How Alpha works online including the Holy Spirit talks.
  • Real life stories of people exploring faith online.
  • The power of using ‘Zoom’ for outreach.
  • Youth Alpha Online – how is that working?
  • Nicky Gumbel’s experience of online Alpha.
  • How to create community during Alpha online.
  • Ideas for eating together online and the concept of hospitality.
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