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Who would have imagined the Coronavirus hitting Australia in the way it has? The church needs some COVID-19 outreach tools to help during this time…and beyond. Let’s continue to pray wholeheartedly for those who don’t know Christ. If there has ever been a time for the good news of Jesus, it’s now.


EIA is very thankful for friendships with many churches and organisations. This blog will  highlight three resources that could serve the church greatly in this season and beyond. Here are 3 COVID-19 outreach tools.
  • Karl Faase at Olive Tree Media has released Jesus the Game Changer 2  that specifically motivates and  encourages the church to be outward focused. It is a brilliant Aussie resource.
  • Alpha Online has exploded with over 10,000 responding. Reverend Nicky Gumbel recently said that this COVID season is the most opportune time for the gospel that he has seen in his lifetime!
  • The Billy Graham Evangelist Association is leading 5000 people to Christ online every day. Their online strategy and platforms are inspirational. Australians have an opportunity to be trained, equipped and deployed for internet evangelism in Australia.
Let’s Take a Closer Look:
1: Jesus The Game Changer 2 by Olive Tree Media

Karl Faase and his team traveled the globe to interview key people.  They explored how the gospel has gone from Jerusalem to the ends of the earth. It is nothing short of spectacular leaving people motivated to share the gospel through their own lives.

The series consists of thirteen episodes that people can watch at home, all available online to view and buy.

A church  pack is available among various other options.
  • Whether your church is online, in small groups or coming physically together, the Church Pack can be used in all these different settings.

This is a wonderful resource, check it out. Olive Tree Media have many Australian made Christian resources.

Here’s an interview that Tina Waldrom  gave recently about this resource.

Ainsley Freeman Interviews Tina Waldrom

In our final Jesus the Game Changer Church Campaign interview, Ainsley Freeman is joined by Tina Waldrom from Evangelism in Australia.Tina helped us bring the 'To the Ends of the Earth' Church Campaign to our VIC and TAS churches. She has a lot of experience working with churches and has a passion for evangelism and outreach. We hope you have enjoyed hearing from pastors about how the Jesus the Game Changer series was used in their context. Remember, the church packs can be purchased anytime and give you everything you need to run a Jesus the Game Changer series in your context. Check out this page for more info:

Posted by Jesus the Game Changer by Olive Tree Media on Monday, 22 June 2020

2: Alpha Online (Alpha Australia)

An Aussie church running Alpha online during COVID-19 made this comment,

“The last time we ran Alpha physically at our church premises whilst implementing social distancing, only 2 guests showed up. So when we had 24 people online (1 moderator, 10 volunteers and 13 guests), we were pleasantly surprised.”

This great online solution enables churches to stream Alpha episodes, host small group discussions and have heaps of fun.

Paul Smith from Alpha Australia showed the funny side of himself recently in a pre-recording for The Win Win Evangelism Podcast.


In the podcast episode, Skip explains the extraordinary success of Alpha Online and how it works. 

You can also download the Alpha online guide from our downloads page here at EIA

3: Internet Evangelism (Billy Graham Evangelistic Association)

The BGEA have one of the most sophisticated and successful ministries to reach out to people with the gospel online.

Their church locator alone is something that we would encourage you and your church to sign up to so Aussies engaging with the BGEA have your church recommended to them.

Here’s an overview of their online evangelism

  • is where you can go to learn how to share the gospel online.
  • is the landing page for the thousands of people that search online each day for answers to the many questions they have.
    The BGEA put considerable resource into ensuring that people land on this page.
    Trained local church workers follow up these people (all trained through the information shown at
  • Here’s the real time action of people online right now

The goal of internet evangelism through the BGEA is that people make a decision for Christ and are discipled and planted in a local church.

  • GoingFarther.Net is the place that people are sent to after making a decision for Christ.
  • People are encouraged to take a discipleship path where an online trained coach walks the journey with them.

There is a wonderful process in place to ensure that churches and individuals are suited to this online evangelism ministry.


We trust that all this information is helpful for you.

Jump onto the websites of the above organisations for further details and contact numbers.

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All the best,
The Team at EIA


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