Top 5 Episodes 2021 #3 Knowing Your Audience in Evangelism with Glyn Henman

This summer in Australia, we are showcasing the top 5 episodes listened to in 2021. This is #3.
Tina Waldrom chats with Glyn Henman about Knowing Your Audience in Evangelism. Glyn is the CEO of Young Life Australia and has seen significant shifts in his audience, young people, over time. The ways to share Christ today, have changed significantly from when he started working with youth. Knowing the audience well, who you are trying to share the gospel with, has become a key for Glyn and his staff at Young Life Australia. The stories and principles that he shares, are both challenging and encouraging. Knowing Your Audience in Evangelism is a key consideration when sharing the gospel.

Acknowledging the need to understand specifically, where a person or group is ‘at’, is foundational to sharing Christ. Glyn shows how Jesus Himself did this and how effective it has been in his own life. At times, it is easier to continue to share Christianity in ways that are comfortable and known, however, it is not always the most effective. Staying open to new ideas and the leading of the Holy Spirit, has been paramount for Glyn, as his audience has changed over the past thirty years.

In this episode, Glyn draws on his experience of working with young people to encourage and equip everyday believers to think more specifically about the people you engage with for Christ. Glyn has adapted, he has remained flexible and learnt the ways to be effective to reach young people even as the culture has changed. There are lessons in this episode for everyone, the challenge is to know your audience well.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • How knowing your audience changes what you say about Jesus.
  • Why cultural shifts matter when presenting the gospel?
  • How relationships are vital to sharing Christianity today.
  • How to engage with a culture that knows nothing about the Bible.
  • Why Christians need to be flexible and open to new ways of faith sharing.
  • How culture has changed and how that influences the gospel.
  • The ways in which Jesus adapted to the audience of His time.
  • The place of story telling when sharing about Jesus.
  • Practical steps to grow in knowledge about the people you reach.
  • How people come to faith today and what you need to allow for?
  • And so much more…
    Watch a short video with Glyn and Tina regarding this episode.
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RESOURCES referred to in this episode:

Book: Christ in Culture – read a review here.
Blog Article: Generations Defined: 50 years of change over 5 generations


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