How To Reach Aussies For Jesus Now

In this episode, Tina Waldrom speaks with Drew Gormlie from Reach Nation. Drew has been faithfully reaching out to Aussies for a few decades. The lessons he has learnt about the journey Aussies take, are invaluable. Over the years, Drew has seen the Australian culture change in many ways. His rich experience helps him understand how to reach Aussies for Jesus now.

Drew sees the journey, that people take to discovering Christ as the key. That journey looks remarkably different to what it did decades ago. He shares many insightful tips from the real-life stories of those he has discipled. Drew is a ‘true-blue’ Aussie in every sense. His laid back, she’ll be right mate attitude, is helping him and others that he trains, to share Christ effectively.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • How the journey looks for Aussies coming to faith in 2021.
  • The different starting points that need to be considered when reaching out.
  • What environments are needed for people to explore faith.
  • Stories of people finding Christ who had no ‘Christian’ background.
  • What to avoid when it comes to evangelism in 2021.
  • The understandings needed to see people come to faith.
  • Ideas to engage with and reach people for Christ in Australia.
  • Training opportunities to reach people for Christ.
  • And so much more…
Here are some other valuable links where Drew is involved sharing the hope found only in Christ.

Reach Nation – Reach Nation exists to help you to become the church your community needs, to help you as an individual be the light; the salt; the influence, that they desperately need us to be.

L’Arte Central – a Social Enterprise Café, Florist & Art Space

Suicide Safe Communities – With several decades experience working in the suicide prevention sector,  we focus on improving the mental wellbeing and safety of Australia and the world.

Life!Central – Life! Central Services (incorporated in 2004) is a “preventative” agency that operates in Casey (Victoria) and beyond providing programs and support to youth, families and schools.


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