Spiritual Advisor to the Gold Coast Mayor

Tina Waldrom speaks with Sue Baynes who is the spiritual advisor to the Gold Coast Mayor in Queensland, Australia. Sue never prayed for this position, nor did she see the opportunity coming. Sue, a local Christian minister at the time, was asked to come and meet with a gentleman who was running for the Mayor’s office. Sue took up the opportunity, seeing it as a simple way to be connected to her city.

Sue tells the story of what happened on the way to that meeting and how that gentleman, Tom Tate went on to become the Mayor. As the Major, Tom was baptised publicly and referred to as the Lord’s Mayor. She has been supporting him and his family ever since. Sue talks about how the gospel influences the Mayor’s life and in turn flows over to the community on the Gold Coast. There are some wonderful insights into the life of a politician and the challenges facing Christians in politics.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • An Aussie grandmother’s journey to becoming a political spiritual advisor.
  • The qualities needed to serve local politicians with the gospel.
  • How the gospel can look in a city with a significant Christian leader.
  • Stories of community impact when the gospel is at work.
  • The power of engaging with local counsellors and politicians.
  • Specific ideas to be a Christian involved in local community.
  • Ideas to love and care for a community in Jesus name.
  • And so much more…
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