Change is Needed in Mission & Evangelism

Change is Needed in Mission & Evangelism. Tina Waldrom interviews the National Director of Catalyse Change to discuss this topic. Steve Roggero, also the senior minister of Sydenham Baptist Church, is passionate about the church fulfilling the great commission. Steve’s contention is that the modern, western church has made unknowing, small steps in a direction that has not been healthy. Not optimal for the overall mission of God. He talks about the power of discipleship as a way forward.

 Steve Roggero was a youth minister for many years, being privileged to see a great number of believers formed into strong disciples of Christ. Trained and equipped for the mission of God. There were certain disciplines and expectations that were a normal part of the believer’s life. The result was people passionate about Jesus and His mission. Following Christ seems to be different now. Steve, who is a respected preacher, teacher, coach and mentor, reflects on why things are different and why Change is Needed in Mission & Evangelism. His wisdom, experience and leadership are helping many church leaders make the necessary changes to see the great commission fulfilled. To see disciples of Christ made.

In this episode, Steve talks about the ingredients that were present when he witnessed the effective ways that people were made into disciples of Christ. He talks about a type of discipleship that naturally articulated into people being about the mission of God. Where did things go wrong? Why did things change? What are the answers to recalibrate? Steve, gives some wise and insightful responses to these questions and more. This is an episode for everyone to engage with, for everyone to wrestle through.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • The potential reasons of why the church is struggling today.
  • What happened in the past to make strong disciples of Christ?
  • Ideas on how to make disciples in 2022 and beyond.
  • How accountability without control is helpful.
  • What to do practically to help people become strong in mission.
  • The role of Catalyse Change in helping churches make disciples.
  • Ideas on where the church may have gone wrong in evangelism.
  • How materialism and consumerism has affected discipleship.
  • The need for the new believers to understand what Christ expects?
  • How following Christ needs to be an all-in message.
  • And so much more…
Watch a Short Video – Where Did Church Go Wrong? 





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