A New Era for Church & Evangelism

Tina Waldrom speaks with Mike Wardrop about A New Era for Church & Evangelism. Mike and his wife Jen, are lead pastors at Encounter Church in Adelaide, South Australia. Mike and Jen also the co-host the podcast, Read the Room.  Mike planted Encounter Church, with a particular methodology in mind. After Covid hit, he knew that a new approach to church and evangelism was needed. Mike talks honestly about the challenges the churches now face. He believes we have entered a New Era for Church & Evangelism.


Looking back, the church seems to move through seasons that have a particular emphasis to reach the world for Christ. Mike and Tina talk over the season that was often referred to as the, “Seeker” times.  The emphasis was on making the church message relevant to those who would attend church services, and so much more. That season was superseded in many ways by what was, and still is, referred to as the “Missional” movement or approach. There was, among other things, a focus to take the church outside of the church building and to society. Mike feels that Covid, has now ushered in a new approach. This approach, a discipleship approach is the best way forward for the church post-Covid.

Mike’s contention, along with others at this time in church history, is that the everyday person needs to be discipled well. Discipled in such a way, that believers would easily and naturally reach out and disciple the world around them. In this episode, Mike discusses the seasons we have been through and the reasons why a discipleship approach to church and evangelism is the best way forward. He discusses what this means and how this can be implemented. It’s a fascinating discussion.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • Why it may be a new era for church & evangelism.
  • A new way to approach church & evangelism post Covid.
  • The need for a discipleship culture to reach a world for Christ.
  • What a discipleship culture is and how it facilitates outreach.
  • How seeker services and a missional approach to church needs to evolve.
  • What caused a shallow level of discipleship and its effects?
  • What a discipling culture is and who Mike Breen is.
  • Why new methods of evangelism are needed in Australia.
  • How to use the Aussie resource, BDC.
  • Practical ideas to bring deeper discipleship to people’s lives.
  • Why the great commission needs well-formed disciples of Christ?
  • And so much more…
Watch a Short Video with Mike and Tina Waldrom



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