Outreach Lessons from a Nurse During COVID-19

Melissa Lee has been a nurse for around 25 years. She is a passionate follower of Christ who has been both challenged and blessed during COVID-19. Melissa has had to overcome her own concerns and fears surrounding her workplace during the pandemic. Having moved beyond fear, she is seeing many opportunities to share her faith with hospital staff and patients alike.

The Lord has taught Melissa a great deal through this crisis. Her story is one of inspiration, a story that we can all learn from. Her kindness and generosity toward others are a shining light in the darkness of the current pandemic. Her years of following Jesus are proving to hold her in the ‘hard spaces’ for her to be an effective witness for Christ.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • Keys to reaching out to people during COVID-19
  • How to overcome fear in reaching out to others.
  • The power of a Facebook group to encourage others.
  • How Melissa heard the voice of God to sing over a patient.
  • The power of radical obedience to the voice of the Holy Spirit.
  • How a nurse can overcome fear with faith to reach others.
  • Practical ideas to reach people during COVID-19.
  • Ideas to overcome depression during the pandemic that will help others.

Before recording the full interview with EIA, Melissa shared a few thoughts via video.



To hear another great story of people being reached during the pandemic, listen to our interview with Andrew Scarborough.

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