How to Reach a City for Christ with Letitia Shelton

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How to reach a city for Christ with Letitia Shelton, is an inspiring interview with podcast host, Tina Waldrom. Shelton, who is effectively reaching her city for Christ is based in Toowoomba, Queensland. She is the CEO of City Women, who build unity amongst women from different Christian denominations, who are called to bring about positive change and outcomes for their community. This is an inspiring story, where reproducible keys have been discovered to bring healing, hope and redemption to a city. To address the many needs in communities including youth challenges, prostitution, pornography, unplanned pregnancies and more.  It’s a story of how believers can unite in a city and how unity is not uniformity.

Letitia Shelton was raised in a Christian family where her father, a minister, was committed to the idea of unity among Christians, to bring about city wide change. Before City Women formed, hundreds of Christians, from many denominations, were gathering weekly to pray. There was a ground swell of ‘togetherness’ that was championed and embraced by believers. With this foundation in place, the local major at the time, affirmed the great work within churches, but provoked the women to get ‘outside’ of the church building. The Christian women responded to the challenge.

In this episode, Leticia talks about the foundation of unity and the specific keys to create ‘togetherness’. She talks about how to discover the needs in a city and how, ‘together’, the church has the resources to bring healing, hope and redemption. She shares many moving and life-changing stories. Stories of Christian women visiting strip clubs and many more that are nothing short of inspirational. Stories that everyday believers can be encouraged from and reproduce in their own context.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • How City Women are reaching Toowoomba, Queensland for Christ.
  • Why gathering people together is one key for city wide impact.
  • How to discover the needs in a city and how the gospel can help.
  • Ideas to disrupt and challenge Christians to reach their city for Christ.
  • How church on the weekends can become a church of the weekdays.
  • How to reach brothels in the community with love and respect.
  • Ideas to help with pornography in a city.
  • Keys to changing judgemental attitudes so people in need can be reached.
  • The story of Christian women visiting a strip club and the positive effects.
  • Resources to read from City Women and Letitia Shelton.
  • And so much more…
Watch a Short Video with Leticia and Tina Waldrom.




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