Online Mission and Evangelism via YouTube

Aussie couple Anne and Dave Reardon are reaching 4 million people through their YouTube channel, How To Cook That!
They never imagined that this would inadvertently be used for online mission and evangelism.  Anne, after her third child and really out of boredom started to film and upload some videos of her dessert making skills. The channel, How to Cook That found a way bigger audience than she imagined.

In just nine years the channel has had over 600 million views, not bad for a couple of aussies.  Although the channel was not created specifically with online mission and evangelism in mind, the overflow of Anne and Dave’s lives influence millions around the world.

In Australia, the statistics show that 21.74 million people use the internet, this makes up 87% of the population. This means that there is potential through online mission and evangelism to reach almost 90% of the country, extraordinary potential.

Anne and Dave Reardon are both committed Christians with a background of working with young people and a heart to help others. In this interview Dave Reardon talks about the faith that he and his wife share and how that intersects the millions of lives they engage with. With over 600 million views over the past nine years, the Reardons have learnt a few lessons on effectively sharing their faith online.

How could your own online presence be used to reach people with the gospel? How could your faith intersect those you engage with online? Do you have a Facebook page, an Instagram account, a YouTube channel, a Website or Tik Tok account?

Another young Aussie by the name of Josh Hawkins (hijosh) has a huge influence online with 118,000 followers on Instagram, check his stuff out!

You may also like to take a course with EIA about sharing your faith online or sharing your story, we’d love to see you in one of our  online classes.

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