No to Hollywood, Yes to Jesus with Nathan Wilson

Tina Waldrom speaks with Australian actor Nathan Wilson who said No to Hollywood and Yes to Jesus. Just as Nathan was about to make the ‘big time’, God broke into his world. As long as Nathan can remember, acting was the goal, Hollywood was the dream. What Nathan didn’t realise, was that the stories he would be offered to tell were not the narrative that God preferred him to tell. Today, through his work with Young Life Australia, he is passionate about people knowing Christ’s story.

Nathan shares his journey from a potential lucrative contract, to a life of greater purpose and meaning. After an extraordinary turn of events, Nathan returns from Hollywood, his dream, to his hometown in Queensland, Australia. God takes him on a year of transition where he begins to discover the future scripts that Jesus would have him be a part of. The lessons he shares about placing God first and sharing the gospel are challenging.

In this episode, Nathan is refreshingly honest about the Christian life and the challenges to not only profess Christ as Lord, but to live with Christ as Lord. Living a life where others encounter Jesus, a life in the service of others is Nathan’s pursuit. The satisfaction of sharing Christ through Young Life, far outweighs the satisfaction of what was on offer from Hollywood. Nathan talks about the difficulty he would have had following Christ, if he had said yes to Hollywood. His story of God interrupting his plans and challenging him to pursue another direction is thought-provoking to everyone who professes Christ.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • What God did to get the attention of Actor Nathan Wilson.
  • The stories we tell ourselves to ultimately not put God first?
  • How satisfaction is found in following Christ and telling His story.
  • The story of secular school staff recognising Christ without a word mentioned.
  • How to reach young people today and what’s important.
  • Why sharing Christ should be our number one priority?
  • How to share Jesus in ways that are incarnational and missional
  • The power of ‘presence’ in evangelism.
  • The importance of being Jesus in a culture that needs to see Him.
  • How the Bible informed Nathan about his pursuit of money and fame.
  • The story of Nathan’s Hollywood wife and her witness in the industry.
  • And so much more…
WATCH 2 SHORT VIDEO’S with Nathan & Tina



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