How to Mobilise Teenagers for Evangelism with Jesse Murray

Tina Waldrom speaks with Jesse Murray. He is the youth pastor at Hillsong Melbourne and is focused on mobilising teenagers to reach their world for Christ. He has a huge heart for outreach and a great love for young people.

Jesses was raised by parents who were and still are highly involved in ministry. The value of others hearing the gospel and putting God first in everything very much shapes what he does today. In this episode Jesse shares a little about his background before talking about youth evangelism.

Whilst attending Bible College, Jesse was working with an evangelism organisation which largely informs what he does today. As the youth pastor at Hillsong Melbourne, his focus is on championing and releasing teenagers to reach out in their own world.

The overriding culture of Hillsong Youth is outward focused. Jesse talks passionately about this.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • The story of Jesse Murray and his call to ministry.
  • Tips to moblise teenagers for outreach in their schools.
  • The ingredients to build a culture of evangelism in youth ministry.
  • Ideas for teenagers to reach out in their school.
  • The power of not having it all together and being a witness for Christ.
  • The importance of having a welcoming culture.
  • The challenge to lead evangelism as a key youth ministry leader.
*The extended version of this interview with Jesse can be heard and read here.

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