Advice for Teenagers to Reach their School for Jesus

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What advice would you give to encourage teenagers to reach their school for Jesus?     

Jesse Murray, the youth pastor at Hillsong Melbourne was interviewed recently on The Win Win Evangelism Podcast. He shared some thoughts around how youth ministries can mobilise teenagers for evangelism. Here is the full podcast interview.

Jesse is a wonderful Christian leader in his generation. In the lead up to the podcast episode dropping, he shared  a bit about himself in the ‘behind the scenes’ video recording.

*At the end of that interview but not released on the podcast, he was asked what he would say to teenagers to keep encouraging them to reach out. This is a summary of what he said and the audio of what he said if you prefer that.

“I would encourage young people  to be bold!”

I don’t mean bold  in the sense of,  I guess overly loud,  you don’t need a megaphone. I’m saying an internal boldness of just being comfortable that God is with you. Being comfortable that God sees you and being comfortable that wants to use you. I guess it’s almost like being bold but also having humility about you as well .

You never know what one conversation might do. You never know what one post on social media might do. You never know what one kind of invitation to youth might do.

I think of the story or the person of Mordecai Ham. A lot of people don’t really know who that is but that’s the person that brought Billy Graham to the Lord.  If he had not been living in his lane and not doing what God asked him to do, Billy Graham potentially may not have met Jesus.

I’m sure He would have found another way cos that’s what He does. But I just love that ‘someone’ brought Billy Graham to the Lord who had a huge impact. He had a massive impact, we all know who Billy Graham was. He did incredible work for God and brought many many people to the Lord. I’m just so thankful that Mordecia Ham did that.

Putting that in our perspective, you never know  the person you might invite to youth. You never know who the person may become when you tell them about your faith.

That inspires me, it’s not about the masses,  it’s just about the one. If we all just became good at having those one to one conversations. Conversations that are face to face, over social media, over the phone, over text. I think God can use that. 

Be bold, be comfortable! Know that God is with you, He wants to use you. And if we all do that we will see a lot more people encounter God in Australia. 

A big thanks to Jesse Murray for his voice into this conversation.

Again……Here is the full podcast interview.

EIA will continue to connect with youth pastors and leaders in Australia to further the cause of Youth Evangelism.
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