Bringing Peace to the Streets with Jay Shelling

Tina Waldrom speaks with Jay Shelling from Street Peace. Jay is bringing peace to the streets. He is taking the gospel, in a holistic way to the vulnerable young people in his community. Jay grew up in ‘privilege’, his words. His fortunate upbringing gives him the motivation needed to reach those less fortunate. His belief is that every young Aussie should have the right to a family and to be loved.

Jay and his team are reaching out to young people on the streets of Frankston in Victoria. There is a very clear pathway that this organisation has in place.  Connections are made with those that are vulnerable in the community and a pathway to wholeness is mapped out. A pathway to discipleship is in place.

The lessons that Jay has learnt are valuable for all Christian believers. Jay shares his journey of hearing from the Lord to be involved, and the unfolding story. Reaching out and seeing transformation in a local community is possible when people take a holistic approach to faith.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • How an everyday Aussie guy relocated to reach a community for Jesus.
  • The ingredients to reaching vulnerable young people.
  • How a holistic approach to the gospel looks in a neighbourhood.
  • The power of love in reaching hurting young people.
  • Ideas to start a ministry beyond the four walls of the local church.
  • A strategy to reach helpless youth.
  • What it takes to follow the call to evangelism in the hard times.
  • The importance of police and council relationships in community work.
  • And so much more…

You can stay connected to Jay Shelling and Street Peace HERE.

*Listen to another great episode about Reaching The Uber Rich Kids HERE.


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