Sam Chan – How to Talk About Jesus (Without Being That Guy)

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Tina Waldrom speaks with Aussie evangelist Sam Chan about, How to Talk About Jesus (Without Being That Guy). Sam, from City Bible Forum, is a medical doctor as well as a recognised evangelist, speaking regularly to high school students, city workers, doctors, and lawyers. He has a unique ability to understand ‘how’ evangelism needs to look in current times. There is a way to share Jesus that is ineffective and off-putting for many Australians. Sam gives some wonderful insights to help people NOT become ‘that guy’. His book on this topic is a wonderful read.

Sam came to Australia, with his family as a young child. He was born in Hong Kong. In Sydney, he watched his parents consistently connect with neighbours, encouraging them to follow Jesus. He was surrounded by outreach as a child. Decades have passed and Sam has become a specialist in the field of mission and evangelism. He has recognised the enormous changes in Australia and the necessity to do evangelism differently. He makes an important distinction when mentioning the difference between a gospel that is presented as a monologue and one that is a dialogue. He goes on to show how the former is a methodology of the past, that has little place, particularly in personal evangelism.

In this episode, Sam shares many personal stories to illustrate the current challenges of personal evangelism and how to overcome those. He rightfully points out the pre-Christian culture we live among, and how to best engage with the gospel. When church and Christianity have a different meaning to society than it does to the Christian, new methods need to be explored. New language needs to be considered. Sam shares some thoughts on navigating this space effectively.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • How to Talk About Jesus Without Being That Guy.
  • What ‘That Guy’ looks like and how to change?
  • Why just mentioning ‘church’ can be detrimental these days.
  • How to reach a pre-Christian culture.
  • Why evangelism methods of the past are becoming so ineffective?
  • How to avoid awkward, gear crunching moments when sharing Jesus.
  • The power of the second question in evangelism.
  • The importance of being Jesus in a culture that needs to see Him.
  • Sam’s stories as a medical doctor, sharing his faith.
  • The funny story of Sam sharing the Bible at a gambling machine.
  • And so much more…
Watch A Short Video with Tina Waldrom & Sam Chan




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