On Mission with God @Home in a Podcast Episode

This episode is kind of like taking our online course, On Mission with God @Home but in a 25minute podcast episode. Tina Waldrom speaks with Karen Workentin, who recently took the course. Tina and Karen discuss many of the teachings in the course. Karen is a recognised trainer in the field of evangelism yet discovered many valuable and revolutionary concepts that have helped her.

Karen is the Assistant National Director for Rhema Bible Training College in Australia and Papua New Guinea. She is also a pastor at Rhema Family Church in Brisbane, Australia. With all of her experience in teaching and training in evangelism, Karen decided to take our 4-module course, and was not disappointed. She was thrilled with the engaging online delivery and the depth of content.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • Many of the key concepts that are presented in the course, On Mission with God @Home.
  • New mindsets to approach personal evangelism.
  • Stories of how people have implemented the course content and led people to Christ.
  • How your body language can help you win in personal evangelism.
  • Ideas to start a natural conversation about Christianity.
  • New mindsets and perspectives that will help you in evangelism.


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**You can watch the pre-podcast interview with Karen and Tina below.


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