Serving Your Community with No Strings Attached

Tina Waldrom speaks with Charles Crisapulli about Serving Your Community with No Strings Attached. Charles is the senior pastor at Uni Hill Church in Victoria, Australia. He is passionate about the gospel, and feels deeply about local communities experiencing Christ. Charles is a man of integrity, very genuine and extremely down to earth.  These quality characteristics are evident as he champions his church and others, to be about Serving Your Community with No Strings Attached. Serving without the often-wrong agendas.

Charles has been leading UniHill Church for three years.  His wisdom and insights are way beyond his years. He encourages people to love God and to love people. Charles is a wonderful, living example of that. Hope Centre and Hope Tour are two fine initiatives of the church. One is a community service and the other, an offering to local high schools to help encourage teenagers.  Both initiatives demonstrate how a church can be serving their local community with no strings attached. Even through COVID-19, this church managed to innovate so they could continue to serve the local community through tough and challenging times.

In this episode, Charles shares about the importance of serving the local community, without the often-wrong agendas. He talks openly about a wrong focus on results but explains the outcomes he is looking for. He discusses the real need for pastors to see or experience gospel results but redefines what this can look like. He shares stories from the church’s community arm, Hope Centre and also from the programs being run to encourage teenagers in schools, Hope Tour. There are many lessons and insights to be gained in this episode.

In this podcast episode, you will discover…
  • Why ministering without strings attached is needed?
  • What an agenda free ministry can look like.
  • Ideas to love and serve people without agendas.
  • What to look for in terms of results in outreach.
  • The need for genuine love to be shown by churches and leaders.
  • Ideas to serve a local community with a pure agenda.
  • How a focus on discipleship can facilitate a no strings approach.
  • The need for correct measures in outreach and evangelism.
  • How UniHill Church is serving with no agendas through Hope Centre
  • Why teachers are embracing Hope Tours to encourage their students.
  • And so much more…
Watch a Short Video with Charles Chrisapulli and Tina Waldrom



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